Existing or continuing for a long-term customer of Organica, you shouldn’t miss out the opportunity to use the long-term OLIFE membership card.  Which Organica is launched in early August 2020.

This is a new program by Organica to pay tribute to regular and long-term customers shopping in stores. It’s also a service that is part of the strategy of changing from traditional model to subscription model that Organica is pursuing.

We truly believe that just buy the OLife card for the costing 2 million and you will have a benefit of a whole year at Organica system, also this new service will have the following key features;

  • Get 5,000 reward points in your account right after activating your membership package, equivalent to 1 million VND for customers to shop at Organica stores nationwide.
  • 5% discount on all orders of OLIFE cardholders on Organica system in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City for 1 year.
  • 25% discount coupon for Primeal branded dry goods (France); Health Paradise (Malaysia); Rabenhorst (Germany); Organica & SEASON (not applicable for frozen goods and rice).
  • 2 tickets to experience at our farm (1 day at Organica Tropical Vegetable Farm Tour)
  • 1 Organica tote canvas bag or 1 Organica foldable grocery bag

Add on benefit to this program, we recognize referred Customers.  if the customer introduces an OLIFE card buyer, both the referrer and the introduced person will also receive a voucher worth VND 150,000 to purchase at Organica.

Organica representative, implementing OLIFE is an act of gratitude to our long-term customers. Because of what we committed to this program; the value received by customers is much greater than the value spent to buy OLIFE cards.

For instance, as soon as you buy a guest card, you are given 1 million VND in your account to buy goods, which means that the actual purchase price is only 1 million VND / year. Assuming a customer buys Organica product with an average value of 2 million VND / month, the 5% discount / month is equivalent to 100,000 VND / month, which means that each year we save an additional 1.2 million VND, greater than the amount of money the customer buys a card.

Last, all the discount coupon programs, farm excursion program ONLY for OLIFE card buyers and gifts.

For our annually, Organica commits to adding more values and benefits to the OLIFE program so that the loyal customers of the program will receive more and more exclusive privileges