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Kale - Organically Grown

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Kale is organically grown at Organica's farm in Xuan Thanh, Lam Dong. Kale is grown without the use of chemical fertilizers, chemical pesticides, herbicides and growth stimulants.

Kale is considered as a super vegetable with its wonderful uses: low calorie - helps control weight, rich in vitamins A & K- helps reduce atherosclerosis, rich in folate - helps develop brain development, rich in fiber & iron - should be able to replace beef sources.

Kale is suitable for juices, smoothies, salads.



You are buying organic foods from one of the pioneers in Vietnamese organic market. By choosing Organica's products, you will no longer need to worry about safe food for your family's meals. The whole production process is guaranteed to NOT use chemical fertilizers, pesticides, growth promoting factor or preservatives, genetically modified (GMO) seeds or ingredients. In 2015, Organica farm was the first tropical vegetable farm in Vietnam that gained USDA and EU organic certifications. In order to offer a wider range of organic products, Organica has conducted studies to launch a certified organic dried product line made from their own organic fresh food. Not only being an organic food produce, Organica is also the first in Vietnam to develop an organic food retail chain in Hochiminh, Danang, and Hanoi.

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